Prejudice shit

The history of violence against LGBT people in the World is made up of insults, prejudices and assaults on gay men, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender individuals, arrests and murders of innocents, harm on their human rights, and hate crime, among so many other wrongs. Those targeted by such violence are believed to violate heteronormative rules and contravene perceived protocols of gender and sexual roles. “Attacks against LGBT people revolve around the idea that there is a normal way for people to live, which encompasses all expressions, desires, behaviours, and roles associated with the gender each person was assigned to at birth.” This is just the definition, but can you see what all this mean? That we need to perform our birth-given role and rules or else, we are fated to have a miserable life, with even more obstacles and we risk to die by the hands of someone who thinks we should be in a different way that we are. First: I did not ask to be born, and then I am born and with it comes a whole manual that I should follow no questions asked of how I should act, feel, think and be? How is this shit fair? Shouldn’t we be able to be who we were born to be? Violence targeted at people because of their perceived sexuality can be psychological and physical up to and including murder. Violent acts, including domestic and sexual abuse, towards the LGBT community, and well, towards every single person of course but now I am targeting this community, may lead to depression, PTSD, suicidal behaviours, and trauma. I am not a lesbian or a transgender, even if some could think I am and that’s not a problem for me. I am straight, but I still say I am fighting for my cause. Because I want a better world for myself and my children, if they’ll come along some day. In the end, I want a better world where there’s not space for any sort of discrimination, for all of us: a fair, kind, and happy world.  Not a shitty world, made of shitty people, with shitty rules and shitty ideas. Who wants that? Why would you be shamed, persecuted, mistreated, put aside, loved less or not at all, ignored, just because you love someone of your same sex? You love as well. We all should be able to love someone, in freedom and in happiness. Who are them to say what is or isn’t normal, just because it is different? There’s no difference between me and my dear gay friends. There are yes differences between me and anyone who is judgemental and even more differences between me and those who are judgemental enough to create suffering in someone else. “A person’s freedom ends where another person’s freedom begins.” Nobody should feel entitled to steal someone’s happiness or their simple inherent right to be. Someone who steals or inflicts harm hide their actions because it is criminal and wrong, but why should any person to hide themselves if all they are doing is being themselves and loving someone else? How would you feel, and now I am talking solely to the straight people out there, like me, if the right of you to be yourself would be suddenly taken from you? If you couldn’t introduce your loved one to your family fearing they would disown you, be disappointed, be even disgusted at you, for the simple fact you loved someone of the opposite gender? How would straight people think and feel if the history and the world would have happened and act the opposite If homosexuality would be the so called normal, or the norm, and heterosexuality would be the minority, the wrong way to be, a crime? If it would be a reason for you to be beaten and murdered by someone you had even never met before? How would you feel if you couldn’t get married to your love? If you would lose friends (who in my opinion weren’t ever a true friend to you) and family out of prejudice only? How would you feel if you being heterossexual would sudden be your dark and pervert secret? That made you feel you might not be normal. Or that something would be wrong about you. Be ill. In need to be corrected, or cured? If that would make you feel isolated, depressed, and even prone to suicide thoughts? Not because you did anything wrong but just because that’s the way you are. You know you are straight, you feel you can’t tell anyone, and the world suddenly is so much harder for you, just because of that? How would you feel? Think better next time you feel any kind of prejudice towards the non-straight people, and before you say something wrong. They are people too. They have feelings. They hurt. We are all the same, we are humans, and we should all equally be allowed to fully express ourselves, love ourselves and another. Be gay if you want. Be straight if you want. Be a unicorn if you’d like. But let’s all be kind.  

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